Why doesn’t anyone understand the disease of fibromyalgia?

Why doesn’t anyone understand the disease of fibromyalgia?

fibromyalgia One often wonders Why doesn’t anyone understand the disease of fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is known as an “invisible illness,” symptoms such as muscle aches, paresthesia, cramps, nausea, dizziness, memory loss, cognitive blockage, depression and others do not see or hear a person other than patients, it is what people with fibromyalgia are called hypochondriacs (who worry for their health in an unhealthy way sickly and without reason).

fibromyalgia It is also assumed that the sole aim is to attract attention and be the focus of all.

It should be noted that the laboratory studies show a typical outcome and that the medicine has not yet found or understood the cause of the disease, it seems that it is the healthy people who want publicity and appreciate beautiful physics.

fibromyalgia Once people begin to notice the symptoms, they do not understand why they feel bad if they all look good, even doctors.

Go and challenge your own beliefs, and there are real pain and other signs.

Physicians, friends and the atmosphere in which they lift such concerns when the patient says “can’t be ill, you look good, in your head” It makes the patient feel worse unable to continue their work, activities and family life normally and the patient starts to experience stress, anxiety and depression. We start to mask the pain and, compounded by day, the discomfort locks in itself.

You will come to a state of utter helplessness if you are unable to do so physically or mentally, if the pain is unbearable and you are also dealing with the confusion and mistrust of others, colleagues, friends, doctors and even parents.

If at some stage you’re suffering from fibromyalgia, you hated yourself and people trusted you by convincing them what the state felt was exaggerating.

Therefore it is very important to know the disease well and to be well informed in order to be able to respond appropriately when someone does not trust us, without getting into the argument and getting upset (which makes us crisis and recurrence) it is helpful to memorize our “language” and queries, questions and suggestions that we will come to address both confidently and comfortably so that they know we are not.

fibromyalgia Not only do we suffer physical pain and many other symptoms, we also have to reassure others that what we suffer is genuine.

Having a good diagnosis and adequate treatment is also very necessary. There is no miracle cure in the quest for reliable information from reliable sources and note.

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