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If you’re reading this, you probably suffer from chronic pain.

There’s also a good chance your condition was preceded by some sort of trauma. The connection between chronic pain and PTSD is real. There’s now a small but growing body of research that links these two conditions.

Fibromyalgia and trauma is also a two way street. Even the mainstream medical community is beginning to recognize that one can feed the other. Not only can trauma cause pain. But living with pain can also lead to being traumatized, according to a study published in the medical journal Pain.

Is Fibromyalgia Secondary to PTSD?

The positive takeaway from this is that it helps us understand why we have pain, and what we can do about it. I totally reject the premise that chronic pain is something we have to live with, and that it’s permanent and, oftentimes, progressive.

That’s because I’ve personally healed from excruciating pain, which followed a series of traumatic events. I do need to point out that I’m not a doctor a licensed mental health professional. So everything you read here is just presented as information only.

However, I’ve lived through a battle. And I want to share my story, in hopes it can help someone else. I want to turn what happened into good. One project was an eBook called How To Spot a Treacherous Person. You can get it for free by clicking on the image below and signing up to have a download delivered to your mailbox.

Are Fibromyalgia and PTSD Related?

Chronic anxiety began to plague me as a young adult. I felt unsettled and unloved. I began to worry about little things. This, combined with a hectic late night work schedule messed with my sleep patterns. Soon I also began to worry about not sleeping well, and how I’d get through the next day if I spent the night tossing and turning.

This created a very vicious cycle. I had a lot of trouble sleeping. But worrying about sleep kept me awake.

Fibromyalgia and Emotional Trauma

Fortunately, I had an understanding boyfriend. He married me regardless of the fact I was traumatized by various things in my life. My husband is a blessing.

Newly married, we wanted to start a family. However, it took a long time for our children to arrive. I also suffered from multiple miscarriages. This added another layer of trauma. Eventually, though, I conceived and carried a baby. But her early health problems led to more trauma.

Fibromyalgia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Raising children is hard work. It’s one of the biggest joys in life. It’s also one of the main causes of stress. My second child also had health problems. So I spent several years shuttling them from one natural healer to the next.

However, this part of my story has a happy ending. Both of my children are now healthy. This experience also left me with great respect for natural healing. This served me well when chronic pain hit.

A number of other experiences left my body in a weakened state. I should have known to walk away. But I didn’t. Eventually I became so sick I could barely walk. This was a life lesson. Never again will I stay in a ridiculous situation, and assume my body is strong enough to weather it.

PTSD and Fibromyalgia Treatment

In addition to pain, I had many of the classic symptoms of PTSD. This included something called “hyper-vigilance.” This meant my mind (as well as my body) was on high alert. I expected something bad to happen. I never relaxed. It was a horrible, hellish time in my life. I am so grateful to have recovered.

What I didn’t do was go to a doctor for medication. That’s because I knew the problem may be masked by drugs. But I wouldn’t be addressing the root causes. Instead, I delved into natural medicine. I saw two amazing homeopaths. I saw another holistic healer who focused on healing my adrenal glands.

Post Traumatic Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Chronic, low-level stress can lead to a condition called adrenal fatigue. This is also known as “adrenal exhaustion” and “adrenal burnout.” I took various herbal and glandular supplements to support my tired adrenals. Also, I worked hard to reduce my stress level. I took the right homeopathic remedies, and saw a chiropractor. I changed my diet

Eventually, my body recovered. My pain level improved. (I truly believe my pain was triggered by ongoing trauma.) I also learned to forgive everyone who hurt me. Forgiveness is possible, even though it’s not easy. This is especially true if the offending party will not apologize. People who abuse others typically have a difficult time with owning up. If you need help with forgiveness, I wrote a book called How To Forgive a Malicious Person.

Natural Pain Management Strategies

My pain hit hard. It progressed rapidly. Within months, I had great difficulty walking. If I walked too far, my right leg would develop excruciating muscle spasms. I started taking various homeopathic remedies. And these helped a great deal.

However, what I really needed was a complete lifestyle overhaul, coupled with various other healing methods. I used a ton of natural remedies. I still take herbal anti-inflammatory compounds. But the results have been amazing. I now have my life back.

People ask me what I did to get better. I can’t answer. That’s because I did so many things it would be difficult to mention everything in a conversation. So I developed an easy-to-follow online course that’s designed to help others discover what specific remedies might work for them. Click on the image below for more information.

Is Fibro Caused By Emotional Abuse?

Thank you for reading this far. Both fibro and narcissistic abuse are topics we need to discuss. Here’s why. The more we become aware of emotional abuse, the more readily we’re able to spot when it happens. Recognizing toxic behavior is the first step toward eventual healing.

We can choose to leave a toxic situation, especially if it’s a workplace. That’s because there’s little upside to staying. The vast majority of targets eventually lose their job, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute. Either they’re fired or they resign. If you work with a narcissist, and you’re a target, finding a new job is often your best bet.

Fibro And Narcissistic Abuse

Things get trickier when the narcissist is a family member. But you can choose your response. You can also learn new ways of coping with difficult people. Sometimes just knowing the other person is the one with the issues is liberating.

As someone who’s survived narcissistic abuse, I feel it’s my duty to raise awareness of these types of character disorders, which cause so much drama and destruction.


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