Not Only Coronavirus, Lady Gaga Will Fund Research On Fibromyalgia: “I Want To Be a Mother And Philanthropist”

lady gaga fibromyalgia

Not Only Coronavirus, Lady Gaga Will Fund Research On Fibromyalgia: “I Want To Be a Mother And Philanthropist”

Lady Gaga FibromyalgiaLady Gaga has been suffering from fibromyalgia for years and will endeavor to fund research on this syndrome. But above all, she wants to become a mother

Lady Gaga Fibromyalgia

lady gaga fibromyalgia

He has amazed everyone his fundraising skills, with $ 35 million raised in a week to fund the World Health Organization Fund dedicated to fighting Coronavirus . But those who have followed her for years know that Lady Gaga has always been involved with her Born This Way Foundation in beneficial causes, from supporting the fight against poverty through the battles for the rights of the LGBTQ + community. Now she wants to move forward on this path, to become a philanthropist to make the world a better place.

Lady Gaga committed to research

Not only will he continue to deal with Coronavirus together with WHO – for example, with the all star concert scheduled on April 18 to relaunch the millionaire fundraiser that will finance hospitals and research on Covid-19 – but it will also expand its commitment by funding research scientific on other pathologies.

Lady Gaga has been suffering from fibromyalgia for years , a chronic pathology that brought her two years ago to interrupt her European tour for the pains that prevented her from going on stage. Still little known and even denied by some part of the scientific community,fibromyalgia is a pathology that has only recently been codified among rheumatic diseases and is considered among the most common causes of chronic widespread pain.

Research on fibromyalgia

Interviewed by InStyle , who has dedicated an extensive Chromatica themed photo shoot to her (her next album whose release is postponed to a later date) , the New York pop star announces that she will invest in research on fibromyalgia syndrome and beyond.

I want to do a lot more philanthropy.i want to help fund further research on fibromyalgia and chronic and neuropathic pain by bringing together a team of doctors. I have many dreams and hopes. What I will really be able to do I have no idea, but I know I will do it with the people I love.

Lady Gaga and the family desire

But in her future as a pop star, entrepreneur, actress – she could be the protagonist of the new film on the story of the widow Gucci – and charity, Lady Gaga also sees the creation of a family. After the end of relationships with actor Taylor Kinney and manager Christian Carino, both apparently destined for the wedding, Germanotta is now engaged to a Harvard graduate mathematician, Michael Polansky .

I must say that I am very excited about the idea of ​​having children. I can’t wait to be a mother. Isn’t it surprising what we can do? We can keep a human being within us and cultivate it. Then he leaves and it’s our job to keep him alive.




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