Fibromyalgia: What Would Look Like If it Were Visible

Fibromyalgia: What Would Look Like If it Were Visible

Fibromyalgia: What Would Look Like


There are several diseases not visible to the human eye, such as depression, which is a disease, but we cannot see it or touch it. Among the many diseases and pathologies that we cannot see in any way there is also fibromyalgia, a truly disabling condition for the many people who suffer from it. Many wonder what fibromyalgia would look like if it were visible.

Fibromyalgia diagnosis

His diagnosis is not simple, before we can say that a patient suffers from fibromyalgia, we must exclude any type of problem such as: any immunological, tumor or infectious process. In short, it is really more complicated than expected, but to understand well the coast we are talking about, we will go into detail.

First of all, fibromyalgia is a pathology that affects about 8% of the world population, it shows a prevalence of female patients rather than men.

The age in which it occurs can range from 20 to 60 years, although, it is not frequent, but there are some cases, it can occur in adolescents and children.

Fibromyalgia cannot be 100% diagnosed, since there are no x-rays, ultrasounds, analyzes or magnetic resonances that can prove that this pathology is present.

Has generalized pain on all muscles

This disease presents generalized pains on all the muscles, initially we start from a specific point, where we begin to feel slight pains.

Then later, it moves and increases more and more until it makes it almost impossible to make simple movements. Already in 1900 it was recognized, although with another name: fibrositis, but after a series of researches in 1990, in America, it took the name of fibromyalgia and found parameters to diagnose it.

But it was only in 1992 that it was recognized worldwide as a pathology, in short, there has always been a lot of mystery around fibromyalgia.

Still, not all doctors are totally aware of this disease or at least, not all of them are totally updated on the conditions that fibromyalgia entails. However, if you think you are suffering from it, it is important to make a check-up by your general practitioner and not diagnose yourself on the disease.

12 Thoughts About “Fibromyalgia: What Would Look Like If it Were Visible “

1  I these pains are true actresses when they come but nobody ever understood what they are they come once to me from the jaw and sistosta on the whole short even on the head that I could do?

I am suffering from fibromyalgia, I believe for several years. It was diagnosed in May 2019, after many tests that would have excluded various diseases, because this syndrome can only be diagnosed with the exclusion of other pathologies. They told me that nn is curable. But I am following different paths from the usual therapies and I must say that I am managing to get out of it.

3  can I ask you what kind of treatment are you doing? I also suffer from it

4  It would be really nice to have the revelation about these remedies, alternatives to medicines.
My stomach and my liver can’t take it anymore

5  what would be the alternative routes, please? be specific otherwise we cannot help each other

6  Good evening can you kindly tell us what you have done and are doing to get out of it …. thank you very much. Good evening

Good evening, I am 34 years old and yesterday I was told by the rheumatologist to suffer from fibromyalgia .. I must say that I was already aware of it by doing research on the internet. I have persistent atrocious pains .. it affects the whole body .. in particular I have severe pains in the chest and arms and then continues in the legs with cramps .. but I say cm it is possible that no other cure can be found other than drops soothing or antidepressants .. certainly anxiety arises from the moment you feel yourself pierced continuously .. and misunderstanding is not helpful. I wanted to ask cm to deal with this problem .. thanks xl listening.

8  I the first symptom had it in 1982 I started with severe pain in the anus then one foot and now after almost 40 years I do not have a point that is not painful especially the flesh of the legs, chest pains that seem symptoms of heart attack, cramps in the whole body at the height of the ribs and lungs, an abnormal tiredness to sleep I have to take drugs and I stop because I could go on and there are no treatments.

9  I was recognized in November 2018 but I was not given any therapy other than tachipirine and laroxil. How can I help myself? Thanks

10 Hello, I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for 20 years, and I must say that despite all my efforts to live with this disease, I am desisting to be treated with ozone therapy, my doctor says it is dangerous, it is not for everyone, and here in Switzerland the disease is not disabling, I would like to know more thanks.

11 Unfortunately, there are many diseases such as this that cause a chronic inflammatory state in certain areas or throughout the body. The cause is not one and therefore doctors will never be able to give a definitive diagnosis.
In these cases I feel like saying that trying natural remedies is better than stuffing yourself with medicines that we know harm our body.

12 Hello Valentina,
unfortunately we cannot give medical indications for such a serious illness.
Many doctors adopt or recommend alternative remedies, but the effectiveness varies from person to person.
At this moment the only thing he can do is ask for a medical opinion or maybe compare himself
with those who have already experimented with positive alternative strategies.
Good luck


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