Fibromyalgia: to be broken inside and to think that no one but me can understand how I feel, … is a disease of emotions not expressed

Our emotional states can benefit from all kinds of diseases: diabetes, heart dysfunction and various types of nervous disorders. Various diseases can contribute not only to transforming our physical health, but also to facilitating healing at a deeper level. The secret lies in the discovery and understanding of messages that contain physical disorders in order to know and live better.

“We must first recognize that mind and body are a whole to understand this psychosomatic connection,” says the author. Usually, we find the body to be a “box” which goes with us, that we have to take care of and that when it is broken we have to send the doctor to fix it. “This view is very small, unfortunately. It denies the complexity of energies that shape our entire being, flowing and intercommunicating energies. There is no difference between what is going on in the brain (thinking and feeling) and what is going on in the body

One thing to note about fibromyalgia, because its symptoms are poorly understood, those suffering from this disease feel other people don’t believe them because the pain is not seen. Fibromyalgia is considered a controversial diagnosis and some authors argue that it should not be considered a disease due, among other reasons, to the lack of physical examination abnormalities, objective laboratory tests or medical imaging studies to confirm the diagnosis.

Officially, fibromyalgia is a group of poorly understood symptoms and musculoskeletal disorders, characterized primarily by extreme fatigue, persistent pain, stiffness of varying muscle intensity, tendons and a wide range of other psychological symptoms, such as sleeping difficulty, morning stiffness, headaches and memory problems, sometimes referred to as “mental gaps” It is a “non-contagious” disease that occurs in around 3 to 6% of young women, typically between the ages of 20 and 50.

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Fibromyalgia is the condition of feelings that have not been conveyed. It’s the result of an internal conflict, we built it. The most affected organ, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the liver, depository of emotions. He controls fascias, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, lungs, nerves, and vision. This body is also responsible for detoxifying all the toxins, both external and internal, that make us sick.

What are the symptoms that are most common?

Fibromyalgia has a broad range of symptoms, the primary symptoms are generalized musculoskeletal pain with stiffness and exhaustion followed by diminished attention and memory, insomnia, irritable bowel, irritable bladder, nausea, depression, restless leg syndrome, chest pain, extreme and painful menstruation, blurred vision, cramps, etc.

What kind of people are suffering from this?

We need to align thinking, feeling (emotions) and acting (action / word) in order to have health and harmony. In fibromyalgia, thoughts and emotions are poorly managed because their energy is not released in the action or through the word. The behavior is repressed and in the form of stress, the power of thought and emotion is diverted, expressed by pain and a variety of symptoms.

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Why do women find more cases than men?

The woman is more practical and emotional. The blocks are more physical, while man is more abstract and analytical. On the other hand, repression is the factor making this disease possible. There is no doubt that women have been more vulnerable to oppression in our culture since childhood than men.

Where is the root of this disease?

Fibromyalgia is multifactorial, like all disorders, but its root is located in rigid cultural, family, and social patterns that create childhood repression. The child copies these patterns to feel loved, and without being becomes obedient and submissive, and begins to develop a false personality that separates e from its essence. The psycho-emotional defects that accompany the patient are the following: the perfectionist pride in feeling valued by the environment and containing anger, an emotion that is devastating to health if not released.

Have you got any cure or is it a chronic disease?

If this is our will, health can be restored, we have the necessary information, and we are willing to make changes from the human being’s globality. We need a great transformation in the way we think, feel, and behave, producing a safe, independent, and happy new individual.

What is transcranial stimulation?

Transcranial stimulation is based on electrical current generation in brain areas. We know that electrical current creates electromagnetic fields, so I don’t think fibromyalgia is the most appropriate from my point of view. If we want to increase neurotransmitters like serotonin and melatonin, the first medicine, we have less invasive tools like food. To increase the level of neurotransmitters, for being an inducer of said neurotransmitters, I recommend legumes that contain tryptophan.

It is necessary to heal the following changes: the change in attitude leads us to stop feeling victimized to assume responsibility, to stop being passive to be active, to start self-managing the disease as protagonists by empowerment. We don’t want them to cure us, to make our own decisions and guide our lives requires something of non-conformity and rebellion. We also need a lifestyle change that simplifies and leaves stress. Likewise,The habits formed by our learned and understood experience must be replaced, which will allow us to say “no” without feeling guilty. Changing habits that damage us, especially food, a diet which purifies the liver of toxins, including those of medicine, supplying us with energy, alkalinity, stimulating the immune system, and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, is important.

Is this a new disease?

Don’t do that. Diseases are born because of humanity’s psycho-emotional deficits, but they evolve and are compounded by lifestyle and poor diet. The epidemic has now grown due to the self-imposed that the woman has self-imposed to include all aspects of modern life, such as work, family, home, social relationships, etc. All this, many times, without being able to direct your life.

Attention!! Such posts are merely informational… They will only advise you and not substitute your doctor. Remember: he has the last word at all times. If your health needs it, we advise you to always consult with your doctor and perform medical checks. We’re just giving you a reference point so you know what’s happening to you.


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