Hyperbaric oxygen tanks found to treat and cure fibromyalgia

Throughout the history of fibromyalgia, this disease has been strangely difficult to identify and analyze due to the fact that at first glance it appears to be something else. Perhaps your symptoms, including musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, mood swings and memory loss are very common.
To give a point of view 1 in 70 people, almost women, in the United States actually has fibromyalgia.

However, it is not surprising news to all of us. For those who have this terrible condition, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has made some groundbreaking changes in medicine. Women who tried hyperbaric oxygen treatments were able to reduce or eliminate their pain medication requirements entirely, the Tel Aviv University researchers found.

According to researchers, the main cause of fibromyalgia is a disruption of the brain mechanisms responsible for processing pain.

“For me, as a doctor, the most important finding is that 70 percent of patients can recover from their fibromyalgia symptoms. For the research world, the most surprising finding is that we have been able to map the dysfunctional brain areas responsible for the syndrome… Taking the [pain medication they took] relieved the pain, but it did not reverse the pain. condition. But hyperbaric oxygen treatments actually reverse the condition…

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments are designed to address the actual cause of fibromyalgia – the pathology of the brain responsible for the syndrome.

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