My name is Fibromyalgia and I am an invisible disease.

Fibromyalgia and I am an invisible disease. 
I’m with you for the rest of your life. 
Others do not see me. 
But your body feels me. 
I can attack you when and how you want. 
I can also take care of severe pain. 
And if I’m in a good mood, I can also assure you that you have pain everywhere. 

Remember when you did your energy and everyone had a lot of fun? Well, I took away this power 
and I returned the fatigue. 
Now you’re always trying to have fun, but I’ll get you out of your dream and give you a headache in return! 
I can assure you that you vibrate inside and you are cold or hot when everyone feels normal. 
Oh yes, I can get anxious and depressed.

Do not ask, but I chose you for different reasons. 
For this virus that never had and never recovered, or for a car accident, or maybe it’s the years of neglect after a trauma! Anyway, I’m here and I’ll stay with you! 

I heard you went to a doctor to get rid of me. Haha I roll on the floor laughing haha, try it! 

You must go, finally you want to get rid of me for many doctors. 
You are tied up with pills, sleeping pills, energy pills. 

You will receive massages and it is broken by anxiety or depression. 
You will be told that if you take your pills well, but clean and your exercises, I will leave. 

But the worst thing is that he will not take it seriously when he yells at the doctor that he has a more normal life.

Your family, friends and colleagues? I will listen to you until you are tired of how I let you suffer and I am a rotten disease. 

They do not hear you say, “Ten years ago? Ten days ago! ” 
Also, some talk behind their back when they slowly feel that they are losing their self-esteem. 

You always try, against my better judgment, to explain that they understand you. 

This is particularly difficult if you are a “normal person” in the conversation and suddenly do not know what you were referring to again.

I was hoping that this secret could continue, but now it will also be published, as 
indicated below:

The person with whom you will have a true understanding and support to face me are people who have fibromyalgia. 
Accept the minority that loves me and has support for others.

Is it true that you must be responsible, because you are tired because you have pain and not everything is as you wish? 
Is not it true that if you do not have an illness, there is another misunderstanding, what you do or do not do? 
It is without wasting energy, so you always have to ask yourself, what else do you think?

If there is little energy, it is better to spend it on nice things and have fun in your life, instead of getting upset. 
Now, do not you get terribly tired of all those problems of understanding? 
while you’re so tired so soon?


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